DPI, sensitivity settings in CS:GO

The task is to make sure that you use all the features of your mouse in the game CS. This will give you the opportunity to get smoother mouse movements. So, let’s start with the limits of the mouse dpi settings, for the quality and comfortable work of the mouse its dpi should not exceed 1800. There is a simple way to check the quality of your mouse, turn around slowly at 180 degrees, then measure the distance the mouse has traveled across the table, and the greater this distance, the lower your mouse speed and of course less dpi. 

After the experiment, repeat it but at a higher rotation speed because many laser and other bad mice tend to miss some parts at high speeds, no matter how many dpi they use. Also wanted to tell you not to be afraid to change your mouse speed, but you have to do it right so that the results are positive. Here is a formula to help you determine the right speed for your mouse: (Current dpi) x (Mouse sensitivity in game) / (Maximum dpi) = (New sensitivity at maximum dpi). 

Using this formula you will not change the overall sensitivity in CS:S. For example if I used a 400dpi mouse and had 0.750 sensitivity in game, after buying for example Razer DeathAdder mouse I will use it at 1800dpi but reduce my mouse sensitivity in game to 0.167 and my overall sensitivity remains the same slow. There is another simple formula to determine how many dots per inch your mouse should have so as not to cause any accuracy issues. This formula works as the field of view in CS: S is 90 degrees. You can use free csgo cases if you want to get great results.

Find the right sensitivity

I just have to touch this topic, because at the moment the Internet is just swarming with questions about mouse sensitivity and of course I have some opinion about it. First of all I would like to say that it is not always better to have a low sensitive mouse than a high one, and vice versa. If you would try to change the sensitivity of your mouse then you will definitely find some values which are good enough for you. I’ve also heard the fact that when sensitivity is low enough, a person moves not only the bone, but the whole hand when working with the mouse. For some players this is very useful. In addition, with this sensitivity it is easier to perform some actions, this is due to the fact that the hand is closer to the brain stem, and when you move the mouse nerve impulses give signals to the brain faster, and this affects your reaction speed. On the other hand, more sensitivity can help you in quick turns, which is not insignificant for a CS player.

And remember: never use mouse sensitivity just because someone else is using it. If you are going to use a lower sensitivity, you must have good headphones in order to know where your opponent will be and to minimize the damage of a slow turn. If you are going to play with high sensitivity, you need to have a steady hand and a mouse with a good DPI. I would also like to recommend this website.

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