History of wedding rings

Whether a person is married or single can be determined by looking at the ring finger of the right hand. The ring symbolizes marriage and life together. Let’s understand what the exchange of rings means. If you want access to the most beautiful rings, you should visit

The origin of wedding rings

Rings similar to modern rings originated in Ancient Egypt about 4,800 years ago. Lovers gave each other rings made from sedge that was harvested from the banks of the Nile. The exchange of rings meant eternal love and an unbreakable bond. The rings were circular, which was very symbolic as the Egyptians worshipped the Sun and Moon. The gateway to the unknown is the meaning of the hole in the center of the circle. The vein, which leads directly to the heart, was on the ring finger of the left hand, so wore them on it. The duration of wearing the rings was no more than a year. Terms extended with the advent of metal, rings began to be made of bone and leather.

Clumsy and uneven are the words to describe iron rings. Much better looking rings came a little later, when the Egyptians learned how to work metal. A little later, metal rings began to be made in Rome as well. A man who gave a woman a ring became legally responsible for her. However, metal rings were uncomfortable because they rusted quickly.

Silver and gold rings became common from the third century onward. Silver and gold were expensive materials. The groom gave the bride the most expensive thing he had. These metals were very popular during the medieval era. Inlaying with precious stones and decorating the rings with fluting only took off at this time.

Types of engagement rings

The range of wedding rings in our time is huge, which makes it difficult to choose. Traditionally, the rings for weddings are bought by men. Now the newlyweds buy what they like together. Depending on their preferences, they choose rings made of silver, gold and platinum. Two kinds of different metals look more exquisite.

You can choose your horoscope stones, gemstones or the same elements to decorate the rings. Some people prefer rings with frosted surfaces or diamond facets, while others choose wide and smooth rings. Rings can be made to order in a jewelry workshop with an original design. Depending on your imagination, words of love or the names of the bride and groom can be engraved.

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