Correction of Cosmetic eyebrow tattoo

NOT ALL COLORS CAN FIX !!!! You have to be realistic about what can fix and how long the correction process can take. There is no real “quick fix” when it comes to colour correlation. It can take several sessions, and you will never get the exact colour that you would initially get if it is done correctly in the first place.

Not to mention the cost. You end up paying a lot more than you would have done by getting the right shape in the first place. If it is a soft colour grading, you may be in luck, and the colour can change in 1-2 sessions. However, if it is a darker colour correction, where black is involved, you will not be able to correct it, which may require some form of removal.

Another correction problem that I see a lot in shape and placement. It can be more challenging to fix, depending on how bad it is. Colour masking may be possible but not very effective when compared to a darker colour.

Regardless of the problem, there may be times when no amount of remedial work can cover or fix the problem. It is at this point that you may advise taking a closer look at pigment removal. Again, this can be a very costly and painful experience.

How crusts come off after cosmetic eyebrow tattoo

Day 0. It is the day of the procedure. Powdery brows look gorgeous. No swelling and redness can occur in about 2% of clients with susceptible vascular skin and disappear within a few hours. During the first days before the procedure, it is undesirable to use alcoholic beverages and blood-thinning drugs. It is also not recommended to carry out operations during menstruation.

Day 1. The area of ​​cosmetic tattoo has darkened a little. There is no feeling of dryness of the skin yet. The eyebrows look beautiful. You can go to work, no need to hide the “new eyebrows” under the bangs. The colour of the eyebrows in the first days after the procedure is quite intense. Please note that the eyebrows look more extensive and more prominent immediately after the system than after healing. Be patient!

Day 2. The area of ​​cosmetic tattoo of eyebrows has darkened a little. There is still no feeling of dryness of the skin. Even close up the eyebrows look beautiful, so you can safely go to work and not hide the “new eyebrows” under the bangs) note that the colour of the eyebrows in the first days after the procedure is quite intense. It is not familiar to many clients. But this is temporary. Besides, it is an excellent opportunity to try on bright makeup). Please note that the eyebrows look more extensive and more graphic immediately after the procedure than they will after healing – patience and only patience!

Day 3. The skin is a little dry. You can see slightly palpable crusts. If you look at the eyebrow closely, you can see small cracks. The process of their discharge has already begun.

If you need to, moisturize your eyebrows with ointment to protect crusts from premature discharge and you from discomfort. Please do not apply a thick layer of cream – this will accelerate the desiccation of the crusts, and the amount of pigment remaining in the skin will significantly reduce.

The use of cosmetics for cosmetic eyebrow tattoo melbourne in the first weeks after the procedure is strictly prohibited. Do not touch up areas where the crusts have partially dropped or even the gaps between them. You can damage the thin, young skin and twitch the remaining crusts, which can negatively affect the cosmetic tattoo procedure. Scratching can damage the skin and leave a scar. Let your skin go through the healing process without your intervention! And please don’t scrub, brush or wet the crust! Be patient! After a couple of days, the regeneration of the skin will end, and the crust will disappear by itself!

Day 4 is the most active in the process of bark formation and eyebrow healing. Even accidentally removing the crusts can damage the skin and cause blemishes on the eyebrows. Therefore, keep your hands to yourself, let everything go on as usual. Be careful with your facial expressions. Change your clothes carefully – don’t let the crusts come off early. In just one day, your eyebrows will be beautiful again!

An experienced artist can quickly point out the places where the crusts have forcibly removed. Keep this in mind! If you intentionally speed up the healing process, it will make the Tattoo uneven, patchy, and require additional correction.

Morning of the fifth day

The crusts are gone. Cosmetic best eyebrow tattoo melbourne looks natural. They still look lighter due to some of the younger-looking skin characteristics. After a few weeks, the colour of the pigment will stabilize, and you will see the final result of the procedure. If the colour is not bright enough for you, it will be “added” in the second step of the process.

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