Gift ideas for International Friendship Day

Cicero wrote that to exclude friendship from life is like depriving the world of sunlight. It is hard not to agree with him: it is friends who help us to easily endure setbacks and bring positive emotions into our lives. A good friend you can trust and be 100% sure of is a priceless gift.

Every year on the 30th of July the International Day of Friendship is celebrated. It is one of the youngest holidays in the calendar and was proclaimed by the UN General Assembly only on April 27, 2011. It’s a great excuse to remind your friends once again how much they mean to you, recall adventures they’ve had together, and laugh at the funny missteps they’re likely to make. And if you don’t know what to get your friend, we’ve got some ideas for you. You can choose a versatile gift here or listen to our other recommendations.

How to choose a gift for a friend

A great frame for your memories together is a photo album. A variety of companies have taken care of the selection of exquisite photo albums. The impeccable and at the same time laconic design of the albums will make them a bright decoration for the house and will bring pleasure while viewing the photos.

To find a unique and unforgettable gift, think of your hobbies together. Perhaps you played soccer or chess together in your youth, drew or skipped classes. A gift that reminds you of your hobbies together will bring a pleasant smile to your loved one’s face. And this is the main purpose of the gift!

And if you now, getting together with pleasure can drink a glass of wine or whiskey and smoke a cigar, then please please your friend with an accessory for joint hobbies. A male friend will appreciate a practical flask or a luxurious humidor. In turn, you can present your girlfriend with an original corkscrew or an elegant decanter.

In order to choose the right VIP-gift for your friend, make a psychological portrait of him.

  1. Conservative. This type of person is immersed in the work and work rules, so you can give him a gift of office decor. Among the possible options are a unique clock, a designer floor lamp under the interior style or a table statuette, an unusual tea set for meetings with partners – a gift that will be used directly in the workplace. Although it is better not to avoid personal gifts not related to work.
  2. Democrat. Such friends like original gifts related to recreation or their hobbies. Creativity or humor is also approved, so feel free to give art, unusual board games, rare books or items related to a hobby, such as fishing.

You can choose a gift for a friend from the wide range of gift cards available at You can quickly find many great gift solutions here, so it makes sense to use this option. Modern gift cards would be a great solution for almost any situation. So you should pay more attention to them and try to choose a great gift card for your friend.

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