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You can imagine our world without any of the existing sports, but not without soccer. It is the number one game, the passion of billions, an entire religion. Naturally, in terms of the number of bets accepted by bookmakers, soccer is in first place. The popularity of soccer is both an advantage and a disadvantage. The plus is that it is easy to find the right information, broadcasts, bookmakers’ conditions are favorable, and the minus is that bookmakers’ analysts are very well versed in the sport, hence it is most difficult to beat them, especially if we are talking about the long term. If you are looking for news of different sports, try using

Major soccer championships

You can find several hundred different soccer tournaments for betting in the line of bookmakers, even leagues of Haiti, Zambia or Malta. Undoubtedly, if you understand such exotic championships, you can earn good money betting on matches of these tournaments. But it is better to choose the status competitions. Firstly, for them it is easier to find information, statistics, broadcasting. Secondly, the odds are higher and the spread is wider. And thirdly, the probability of match-fixing, the cancer of modern sports, is much lower. First of all, we should look at the following soccer tournaments.

  • Champions League. The place where the strongest clubs in Europe gather. The advantage of the Champions League for betting is that all teams play with great commitment and the number of cheating is close to zero.
  • Europa League. The little sister of the Champions League, of course, is not as beautiful and popular, but also in high demand among bettors. You can always choose good matches to bet on.
  • English Premier League APL is the number one among all the national championships for many years. Good results, high speed, unpredictable struggle for the title and surprising victories of the outsiders – that’s what the English Championship is famous for.
  • Spanish Primera Naturally, Real Madrid, Barcelona and Atletico come to mind. But we should not bet too much on the victory of these teams. The odds are usually miserable and sensations happen from time to time.
  • German Bundesliga. Germany has soccer shark Bayern, several elite clubs, including Borussia, Bayer, Schalke and others. In addition to these teams, other teams in the Bundesliga show good soccer, betting on which can be very profitable.
  • Italian Serie A. Immersed in tactical schemes Italy sometimes surprises by its unpredictability, but overall easily predictable championship for betting, despite all the stereotypes about the large number of rigged matches, this is in the past.
  • FIFA World Cup. The favorite dish of all soccer fans is the Mundial. Matches come one after another, so you can use a variety of strategies and convert the love of soccer into money.
  • European Football Championship. The second highest status tournament at national team level is the Euro, which is not as flashy as the World Cup, but more predictable, which is a plus for predictions and betting.

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