Eyelash extensions care at home

Eyelash extensions are a procedure that will make your look more expressive and give your eyelashes volume. Don’t forget all the recommendations and get down to business with confidence. 

Best Melbourne eyelash extensions will save you from the need for special care. But to maintain a beautiful appearance, follow a few recommendations.

The main recommendations

  • A ban on water procedures during the first 24 hours after extensions. Wash carefully, so that water does not get on the lashes (moisture from the sauna also counts). This recommendation is due to the peculiarity of the behavior of the glue used in lash extensions.
  • Caution with care cosmetics. For as long as you go with extended eyelashes, it is better to make up with ordinary micellar water or foam. In no case not a two-phase means, because it includes oils, and together with permanent makeup can one day wash off and your beautiful eyelashes.
  • Sleep position. If you build up neat natural short eyelashes, you can safely sleep facing the pillow. If the lashes are longer, it is recommended to sleep on your back or side. Eyelashes are made of monofilament, which is very plastic and holds the curve. Even if you slightly “squash” lashes on the pillow, it will be enough to comb them in the morning with a brush, and they will return to their former position. 

Remember that with extensions of eyelashes you can not rub your eyes, or eyelashes will fall off!

How to recover lashes after lash extensions

If you choose the right masters, then there is no need to restore anything. If suddenly you make a mistake, go to the wrong master, and the lashes are damaged, it is easier to wait 2-3 months. During this period, they will completely replace themselves. Vitamins help to renew the lashes. Also different cosmetic brands produce oils and tonics that accelerate the growth of lashes. Often only expensive products give a visible result. It is a choice of every girl to use something additional or just to make a break in lash extensions.

What should I do if my eyes are red after eyelash extensions?

Redness of the eyes is a consequence of poorly closed eyes during lash extensions. Usually redness disappears in a few hours. If the redness is noticeably outlined, then it is a burn and the master will advise to consult an ophthalmologist. And advising some specific drugs master has no right, because he has no education, and the recommendation can aggravate the condition.

How to grow lashes by yourself at home?

No way. And now in more detail. The main obstacle to self-building – the glue. As a result, your eyes begin to tear, you blink, trying to rinse them with water, which ultimately prevents you from extending the lashes. But, even if your eyes have stood up to the glue, it’s still dangerous to extend eyelashes with your eyes open. The fumes of glue in any case, come into contact with the mucous membranes of the eyes, which negatively affects their health up to getting chemical burns. If you want the best results, use Eyelash extensions in Melbourne.

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